Running is Fun!

By Piper Haney

Tired of getting super sweaty running around the same old reservoir? Have you gotten chased by the scary geese one too many times? If you are looking for tips to spice up your run you have come to the right blog post.

I enjoy a beautiful and iconic trip around the res as much as the next Boston College running, jogging, or speed walking enthusiast but sometimes I get tired of running around in scenic circles. Follow these 4 easy steps to transform your boring old run.

My first suggestion is creating a new route; running through Boston is one of the best ways to get some exercise and exploring done all at the same time. To make exploring easier I like to use’s “create a route” feature to determine the distance and direction my run will take. At the bottom of this blog you will find pictures of a few of my favorite runs including the scenic and somewhat hilly run to Walnut Street and the exciting run to the Res’s pretty sister, the Brookline Reservoir—word on the street is it’s only a mile around and the home to adorable baby ducklings.

If your sneakers are still not calling your name I suggest recruiting a friend to join you on your sweaty adventures up and down Comm Ave (pictured above is my favorite running pal and I taking on the Red Bandana Run in matching Super Fan shirts). An updated music playlist can also do wonders for your run if all your friends are “too busy” watching Netflix to catch some fresh air. If a new running route, a trusty friend, or a new playlist of jams is not your cup of tea you have one last resort, THE DESTINATION RUN.

The only thing more fun than running into Boston and back to BC is running into Boston and taking some sort of transportation besides your feet home. Try running to Fenway, the Boston Public Garden, or the North End if you are a pizza connoisseur like myself. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder so don’t forget to head outside and appreciate running around Boston when there isn’t 10 feet of snow.

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