Be Mindful, BC!

A Guide to OHP’s Mindfulness Map: Campus Locations for Reflection and Relaxation

by Abby Whelan

Boston College’s campus is known for it’s beauty and it’s plethora of tiny spaces to explore. Recently, the Office of Health Promotion put together a map of some of these spaces on campus that are conducive for reflection, prayer, meditation or simply relaxation.

Below is a further description of these locations that may offer a safe space for your quiet reflection during a busy week!

Multi-faith Center at 66 Comm Ave the multifaith center is a space that one may visit individually at any time in between 6 am to 11 pm as long as there are no group events scheduled. Located conveniently on Lower campus very close to the residence halls, this is a great space to seek out on your way to or from your room for the day.  

Labyrinth behind Bapst Library the labyrinth, a space that signifies the intersection between the human and the divine, was built as a beautiful memoriam for the members of the BC community tragically lost in 9/11. Labyrinths are typically used to meditate by walking along the circle slowly and mindfully, so if you are an individual who likes to move around while reflecting, this is a space for you!

Statue of Mary located on the path leading to CoRo outside of Bapst, this space offers a quiet corner of campus close to the library. Take a study break and slip outside to enjoy a few minutes in the sun and a few deep breaths!

Reflection rooms in the dorms there is typically a reflection room in each residence hall on campus. The reflection rooms offer space right within your living quarters to take a couple minutes and reflect and relax. While there are often programs occurring in these rooms, it is easy to seek a reflection room out and use the space without ever needing to take a step outside!

St. Ignatius ChurchFor those students seeking a larger space to reflect, St. Ignatius is the church located at the bottom corner of lower campus right along Comm Ave. While there is a daily mass schedule on both the weekdays and the weekends, anyone of any religious affiliation can slip in for a few minutes during the day for their own individual prayers or meditations.

St Mary’s  Saint Mary’s chapel, located along Linden Lane, is a breathtaking space to sit and be mindful. With its convenient location tucked away close to the main quad and both libraries, this space is perfect for a midday reflection session. It is also a nice place to say a quick prayer or do a quick body scan while waiting for the Newton/Comm Ave bus to pick you up at main gate!   

St Joseph’s Chapel in Gonzaga Saint Joseph’s is located on upper campus and is a great space for Freshman and Coro students to utilize! Take a few minutes out of your day to venture into the bottom floor of Gonzaga and attend a mass or do some quiet individual reflection.

Reservoir→ the reservoir offers a scenic outdoor walking path spotted with benches that each have a unique view of BC campus and/or Boston. Whether you run, jog, walk, or sit, this location is perfect for an outdoors reflection space. Take a lap and clear your head while taking in some serene views.

McNeil Family Garden      located under the bridge between Stokes Hall North and South, this is beautiful spot to spend a few quiet moments pre- or post- final. This time of year the space flaunts beautiful spring blooms and shady spots to journal, read, or reflect.

Stokes Amphitheater→ Stokes Amphitheater is a wonderful place located right across from Eagles and Mac! Grab some food in the morning, noon, or night to eat your meal outside or just lounge in between classes in the grass and or/stone.  

Lawn Behind Shaw House→   The Lawn Behind Shaw House is a lovely green space on Upper Campus for Freshmen to enjoy a quiet place outdoors. Enjoy meditating to music or finishing some homework on this lush lawn on Upper.