Let’s Talk Resilience

By Kyle Pilachowski

Resilience is a special quality that gives people the ability to recover quickly from life’s difficulties and come back even stronger, gaining strength in times of obscurity. Why do some people let failure overcome them while others bounce back seemingly effortlessly, barely breaking their stride? How can a person become more resilient?


Resilience does not have a starting or ending point—it exists throughout one’s life and is developed overtime

It’s important to recognize that you will get knocked down constantly and even though you may feel at the lowest point in life, you have overcome something even harder. People bounce back constantly from struggles, and if others can do it, so can you! You can develop strategies that best suit your personality to become more resilient.


Don’t stress about the problems, but rather focus on the positives

Life is too short to always focus on the negative aspects. It’s imperative that one realize in times of darkness, light still exists. No matter how unfortunate a situation appears, positivity can (and will) result.


Enjoy the company of others

Recognize that you are never alone in a struggle and someone is always present to lend a helping hand. Whether it be a teacher, classmate, family member, close friend, distant relative, or roommate, there is always someone who can help you cope with whatever you are going through. This person may have been in a similar situation before and can share tips and tricks to overcome what you’re going through, while being present physically or emotionally for support.


Embrace change

Change can be a good thing; if you never fail, you never know what it means to truly succeed, as people learn best from their mistakes. Change can be good; if you realize this, you are more likely to not fall as hard in times of difficulty and will be able to build yourself back up quicker and stronger than ever before.


Make realistic plans and goals

If you set forth objectives that are too hard to achieve or follow, it is more likely that several failures will result before success comes, continuing to knock you down and impairing you mentally. If the plans and goals you set are more manageable, you can use your past successes to keep your confidence level high when you do encounter a setback.


Last but not least, love and nurture yourself

Everything will not be perfect in life, but you are a unique individual capable of handling anything thrown your way. Take it in stride and no matter what happens, people will still love you for the person you are, not what you are or what you can do.