New Year’s Resolution

By Vicki Coates

December 31st rolls around and everyone scrambles for a resolution. There’s this immense pressure to find the least healthy thing about yourself and decide to fix it because people around the world decided to watch the clock strike midnight tonight. If midnight designates this new ability to be a healthier, better you, why do we only take advantage of it once a year?

Resolutions and I never really agreed with one another. I am the queen of the ridiculously ambitious resolutions which I know I’ll never keep. I inevitably break the resolution before the new semester starts. So, fall semester ended, Christmas came and went, and suddenly I was faced with that dreaded question so many of us are asked at the end of December, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” Being a BC student for the fifth year, I knew what I needed to do: reflect.

I was reminded, by the other constant question of December (“What are you doing after graduation?”), 2018 is a year of transitions, changes, and new beginnings. I realized that what I need to change in my life now will not be what I need to change in three months, in six months, in ten months. So why not make a monthly intention rather than a yearly resolution?

2018 is my year of the monthly intentions. Other than January, I have no set plans for how my monthly intentions will continue. Each month will bring with it new challenges, and the only way to continue being my healthiest and happiest self is to create intentions involving my changing self and changing environment. I didn’t want January to be the only month of 2018 to be privy to the best version of myself. Instead, 2018 has 12 months, 12 resolutions, and 1 healthier and happier me. Hopefully. Check back in December.


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