Health Coach Training

By Piper Haney


The Health Coach Institute’s annual training was a huge success! Prior to the beginning of school our health coaches completed a 20 hour training and certification program to ensure our new and returning health coaches are ready to help make Boston College a healthier campus.

80 health coaches were trained to have individual health conversations and facilitate group health education in areas of stress and time management, sleep, nutrition, resilience, and choices around alcohol.

Our health coaches learned effective ways to educate, motivate, and refer students to the support they need. During the two-day training we focused on motivational interviewing skills, readiness to change theory, successfully engaging in open-ended conversations with peers, and guiding student clients toward goal setting and strategies that work for the client and lead to healthier choices.  

Health coaches will be an integral part of this year’s health campaign,  Let’s Talk Health! Throughout the year the entire campus will be talking about health in 7 different speciality areas: Let’s Talk Time, Stress, Nutrition, Alcohol, Resilience, Exercise, and Sleep. Each month a new topic will be introduced and supported by key messages and education, discussions held, and challenges to participate in!

Want to get involved in the great services offered by the Office of Health Promotion? Schedule an IHP (individual health plan) with one of our trained Health Coaches or schedule a health education session with floor mates, club members or group of friends online at!


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