#RealHealthatBC featuring Kellie O’Leary and Yoga

Kellie O’Leary & Andie Babusik

I highlight BC students for #RealHealthatBC features on all of BC Health’s social media platforms. These features showcase how regular BC students incorporate health and wellness into their (busy) everyday lives. A recent feature was of Kellie O’Leary, a Boston College senior.

Kellie does yoga at least four times a week. Through high school she casually did yoga, but she started taking yoga more seriously after an injury that left her unable to do her normal work out. Kellie says, “Yoga made me feel strong when I thought my body was weak and broken.” Now, whenever she feels sore or gets injured, she knows she has yoga to turn too. Kellie feels empowered by her body’s ability to do yoga and wants everyone else to feel just as empowered! Kellie details how yoga is a freeing experience for her, “There is no judgement in yoga. There are so many levels and variations, you can do it alone or in a class. Yoga can be molded to fit anyone’s life.”

Kellie loves that yoga can be modified for anyone interested. Most yoga moves have three variations, an easy, medium, and hard style. The variations are a great way to work in your comfort zone but still have room to advance. Not to mention, you can choose the moves that work for you. For example, if you broke your foot and can’t put any weight on it Kellie suggests doing sitting poses or one-leg standing poses. Kellie affirms, “Yoga is about listening to your body. Then you can give your body what it wants and needs.”

Yoga transformed Kellie’s life, maybe it can benefit yours too! Check out more of what Kellie had to say about yoga:

“When I got injured, I started practicing yoga more seriously, and it was life changing. Now I do yoga about four days a week. I love that you can make yoga whatever you want or need it to be for you. Yoga makes me feel strong and helps me de-stress. Exercising is about pushing yourself, but yoga is about giving your body what it needs. Everyone can do yoga and everyone should do yoga!”

For more information about healthy choices, schedule an iHP (Individual Health Plan) through the Office of Health Promotion at bc.edu/healthpro or visit BC Campus Rec’s website at http://www.bc.edu/offices/rec.html.



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