Yoga to Nama(stay) Healthy!

by Olivia Sutton

While some prefer to go to the gym and lift weights or run on the treadmill, I like to take a gentler approach. This approach has been my method for not only strengthening my body, but also realigning muscle parts that once felt disconnected. This method is also convenient because it can be done anytime, anywhere with little to no equipment necessary. This gentler approach is called yoga, perhaps you’ve heard of it.

Yoga is an Indian holistic discipline that’s been around for 5,000 years. It has numerous benefits, including an increased flexibility, improved posture, increased muscle strength, increased blood flow and boosted immunity. Yoga also helps to relax the body and set the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention, yoga is inspiring; it can prompt you to be the best version of yourself. Whenever I practice yoga, I feel motivated to eat a healthier dish at the dining hall or make more time for self-care. In yoga class, I feel at ease and have a sense of community because I know that everyone else in the room is there for the same purpose. I appreciate the fact that I can go at my own pace and do what feels good to me in yoga, whether I am in my room or in a yoga class.

Yoga has been a significant part of my life since 2015 because of how it makes me feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has provided an outlet for me to push myself, but at the same time, teaches me to anchor myself through my breath and move with purpose. What I love most about yoga is that it allows me to become present in the moment. I’m reminded to be patient with myself and always seek ways to improve where I am weakest. Overall, yoga has helped me be the best version of myself. College life is hard, and it’s so important to find something that takes you to your happy place. When I come off my yoga mat, I know I’m in my happy place.

For more information on yoga classes or other ways to exercise, visit BC Rec at the Plex or To schedule an iHP (individual health plan) appointment, visit



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