Off-Campus Meal Prep 101

by Kim Chook and Andie Babusik

I have been featuring BC students for #RealHealthatBC features on all of BC Health’s social media platforms. I wanted these features to showcase how regular BC students incorporate health and wellness into their (busy) everyday lives. A recent feature was of Kim Chook, a Boston College junior.

Kim has a health and wellness instagram account called @balance_beaming where she posts about finding her balance, making healthy foods, and her fitness routine. It’s a beautiful and inspiring account that you should definitely give a follow, if you haven’t already!

A lot of Kim’s posts are healthy recipes that she used to make delicious looking meals and snacks. There have been a plethora of nights when my friends and I didn’t feel looking cooking and ended up at a local fast food restaurant. With the off-campus life comes new responsibilities, like cooking and feeding yourself!

Eating healthy off-campus is tough, but Kim has mastered the clean-eating off-campus lifestyle. How? I asked! Her secret is meal prepping. Listen to what Kim had to say about meal prepping:

“The biggest advice that I have for students trying to eat more healthily, is to prepare your food in advance. I tend to choose processed foods or unhealthy options when I am short on time, or too tired from a long day to cook. Meal prepping can seem daunting at first, but it can be easy as roasting all your vegetables (which can be added into salads or eaten as a side dish), cooking all your carbs (pasta, rice, or quinoa can be stored in the fridge for several days), and pre-portioning little containers of snacks (my favorite lately has been a mix of raw cashews, dark chocolate, and medjool dates). Even breakfast can be pre-portioned (overnight oats!) and ready to grab and go in the morning.”

For more information about healthy eating choices, schedule an iNourish program or an iHP (Individual Health Plan) through the Office of Health Promotion at

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