4 Things That Help Me Manage Time

by Genna Martin

Time management is a skill that has taken me a lot of practice to get good at. As I head into the middle of my third year at BC, I am increasingly familiar with how long different types of tasks take me, and what I should prioritize to set me up for success. For me, managing my time well is the number one step I take to keep my stress levels within a manageable zone. This is a big incentive for me. If I know that the coming week could be super stressful, having a plan for attacking the work ahead allows me to stay calm enough to be productive.

This is why I use a planner with everything written down in it so that I am aware of what lies ahead of me and can plan my time accordingly. In this planner, I write down everything from assignments, to club meetings, to planned lunches with friends. In terms of using my time effectively, I like to use small sections of time to break up bigger tasks. For example, while my laundry is in the washer I like to try to do a reading assignment, and after I switch it to the dryer, I will try to do another assignment. I like that this sectioning of time is structured, and by the time the laundry is finished drying, I will have been doubly productive by doing laundry and some homework at the same time. Then, while folding laundry, I can take a break and put on some Friends or something in the background! These kinds of breaks are really important for me to stay on track in my work schedules. Although it can be a slippery slope, I like to take frequent study breaks to watch one well-chosen YouTube video of Jimmy Fallon or Ellen DeGeneres, or something that lets my brain take a break!

Keeping a planner, making a study plan, breaking down the big tasks into smaller ones, and taking breaks throughout studying are my main ways that I like to make sure I am using my time as well as I can.

For more information on time management schedule an iPlan appointment here, bc.edu/healthpro.


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